It is already possible to instantly activate Digital Cards with new designs via Mobile and Internet Banking. Renewed Digital Cards come in 6 different colors. Users can choose according to their taste. 


An innovative product is created by TBC and powered by Visa to make customers life smoother. It is an analogy of a plastic card and has all the features of a debit card. Digital Card allows users to pay at POS terminals, also pay when shopping online and withdrawing money from ATMs. 


The advantages of the digital card are:

  • Digital card can be activated instantly;
  • Customer does not have to carry a physical plastic card;
  • Customer does not have to come to the branch to order a card;
  • In case of loss of a physical card or its "swallowing" by an ATM, it is possible to activate the digital card instantly from the Internet or mobile banking and attach it to the desired account;


It is easy to order and receive a digital card from TBC Mobile and Internet Banking and customers do not have to wait for it. The card is activated instantly upon request.

Detailed information about the digital card can be found here.