• Get a credit limit available for you anytime you need
  • Credit limit as high as 80% of your salary
  • Interest rate payable only on used amount
cash whenever you need

detailed information

Overdraft is a short term loan, that gives a plastic card holder the opportunity to surpass his or her account limit, and repay the liability later.

Overdraft is accessible only to TBC Bank's payroll program members.

Important information:

In cases, where multiple accounts are used for one plastic card, the overdraft is activated only on GEL account. If you are to deposit money to any of the accounts, this amount will be converted (according to banks rate on the day of deposit) and used to repay the overdraft limit.

If the amount is deposited to the account with overdraft limit, and the payment has been already calculated, said amount will be also used to repay the overdraft debt that has occured to the day of the deposit.

Terms and fees

The offer does not apply to UK residents.
Annual interest rate 18%-24%
Effective annual interest rate 19.23%-26.73%
Min. amount 100 GEL
Max. amount 15,000 GEL
Overdraft currency GEL
Required min. salary 100 GEL
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