Product Description and Terms and Fees

If you want to buy goods or services when still in the store, without visiting the bank.

Loan amount 100-10 000 GEL
Loan tenor 3-48 months
Interest rate From 0%
Effective interest rate From 0%
Disbursement fee 4,9%, min. 5 GEL – if the fee is paid at a time; 5,9%, min. 5 GEL - if the fee is distributed through tenor; the disbursement fee may total 0% during special campaign. The disbursement fee may differ per offers at merchant's store
Loan servicing fee 1.90 GEL
Fixed overdue penalty 2 GEL until the liability is paid off (no more tha 1.5 times the liability)
Daily overdue penalty No more than 0.27% of the oustanding principal(In total, no more than 1.5 times the outstanding principal)
Early repayment fee (from own funds as well as from another bank) 0%-2 % depending on the term remaining before the maturity date of the credit: 
if more than 24 months remain- 2%
 if from 12 to 24 months remain -1%
 if from 6 to 12 months remain -0.5%
 if less than 6 months remain - 0%
Income Salary, remittances
Ways to evidence income Salary account statement from a bank or Revenue Service, rent agreement, remittance statements. If you are self-employed, a photo material of the workplace taken during the visit of the Bank's representative is acceptable.

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