Product Description and Terms and Fees
If you want to buy a car easily, without providing a proof of your income.
Purpose Purchase of a new or a second-hand car
Loan amount 500-150 000 GEL
Loan tenor 6-72 months
Interest rate From 15% (GEL), from 10.2% (USD), from 8.4% (EUR)
Effective interest rate From 25.79% (GEL), from 20.35% (USD), from 18.45% (EUR)
Effective Interest Rate if indexed rate changes by 5 points (GEL) / 3 points (foreign currency) From 31.59% (GEL), from 23.61% (USD), from 21.66% (EUR)
Effective Interest Rate if GEL depreciates by 15% From 41.84% (USD), from  39.54% (EUR)
Disbursement fee 1%, min. 50 GEL
Loan collateral Car
Life Insurance Rate 0.72%
Auto Insurance Rate 4.25%
Withdrawal fee (from account) 0%-0.6% - according to the tariff for the account
Late Payment Penalty 20 GEL on the first day overdue; 0.5% of the outstanding amount per each day overdue (in total, no more than 1.5x of the outstanding principal balance).
Ealry Repayment fee with own funds / from a different bank 0.5% - if more than 6 months remain
0% - if less than 6 months remains 
Participation From 20%
Borrower A citizen of Georgia
Income Income evidencing is not required

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The annual percentage rates given in the table are tied to the indexed interest rate

The interest rates given in the table are linked to the public index: GEL - refinancing rate of the National Bank of Georgia; USD - Term SOFR; Euro - Euribor