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General Description

The insurance of the responsibility of car owner protects car owner in such cases when  damage is caused to third person's health, car or other property while driving a car. TBC insurance will cover the damage caused by you.


The insurance of car owner's responsibility can be purcased by the owner of the car who

  • is at least 21 years old;
  • uses car for personal transportation;
  • holds valid driver's license.


What is the term of the policy?

  • Policy is permanent (automatically prolonged);
  • In case the client wants to annulate the police, they have to visit the bank and write a request on annulation of the product.


What is covered by the car owner's insurance?

TBC insurance insures damage caused by car owner to third party as a result of car accident:

  • Health of third party
  • Property of third party (including car)



In case of damage caused to third person's health, following will be reimbursed within predetermined limits:

  • Cost of medical treatment;
  • In case third person becomes disabled or dies, insured person's total proven income is reimbursed for no more than 5 years.

In case damage is caused to third party's property, following will be reimbursed within predetermined limits:

  • In case property if completely damaged – residual value is deducted from market value of the property;
  • In case property is partially damaged – reparation costs will be reimbursed.

Note: In case the insurance case realizes, TBC insurance maintains the right to deduct total unpaid amount of the premium from the amount to be reimbursed. 


Exceptions which will not be reimbursed:

  • If car is used as a taxi;
  • If car is overloaded;
  • If car is used in improper road conditions;
  • If the motorist drives in a lane against direction;
  • Damage is caused by constructive defects;
  • The driver is under the influence of alcohol/drugs;
  • The damage caused by driver's suicide attempt;
  • Participation in races, car testing;
  • Transportation of hazardous substances (radioactive, atomic or  nuclear);
  • War, terrorist acts;
  • If the responsibility of insured person is insured by other policy (is reimbursed proportionately);
  • Damage is caused to the health or property of insured;
  • The property of third party is located in the insured car.


How should a driver behave when insurance case takes place?

  • Driver should not move the car from the place of accident;
  • Driver should call TBC insurance's hotline  (2 42 22 22) from the accident place;
  • Driver should call police from the accident place;
  • Driver should present the documentation necessary for reimbursement within 10 days.


What documents should be presented if insurance case takes place?

  • Insurance policy, Personal Identification Card, Driver's License and copy of technical passport;
  • Proof of accident given by relevant bodies of ministry of internal affiars, which describes the details of the accident,  the identity of driver who caused the accident, his/her condition;
  • Other additional documents (as required by insurance company).


What happens if I do not pay the price of the product  on time?

  • After 14 days of nonpayment, the insurance reimbursement will  be paused; when the liability is covered, the insurance will become active again.
  • After 30 days of nonpayment, the insurance is cancelled (accident which takes places in this period is not covered by insurance);
  • Customer is not informed by SMS about the pause or cancellation of the policy.

The insurance of the car owner can be also cancelled in case client desires so. For this you have to visit any branch or service centre of TBC Bank.

  •  In case policy is cancelled after client initiative, the client has to pay fine equal to one month premium.


The payment of product price

The price of the product is paid automatically, via Direct Debit. Direct Debit is activated during the registration of the product.

If client wishes to pay the price of the product monthly, this policy is not sold without the registration of  Direct Debit.


The details of regulating the accident

The accident is regulated in TBC insurance:

  • in 10 workings days after client presents documentation
  • In case the accident is regulated positively, TBC insurance reimburses the damage to third party within predetermined limits in 10 calendar days.


Other important information

  • Purchased policy should be signed and first payemt made.
  • Insurance is active only when payments are made in due time.
  • The policy is deactivated after two weeks of nonpayment, hence, the insurance accident which happens in this period will not be reimbursed.
  • Policy is cancelled after one month of nonpayment.
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