• Get 5 GEL as a gift from TBC Bank.

Paywave card campaign has started!


From November 1st through December 31st , make payments via contactless card or Pay Sticker and get 5 GEL as a gift from TBC Bank.


How does it work?

  • Pay at least 5 GEL in TBC Bank's POS terminals with Paywave card or Pay Sticker
  • On every 20th payment, you will receive 5 GEL.

Can I use several cards during the campaign?

You can use several contactless cards at the same time.

For example: if you paid 8 times with Mastercard Standard, and 12 times with Pay Sticker, the transactions will be summed and you will receive 5 GEL. 

How do I participate in the campaign?

You have to own TBC Bank's debit or credit card and make a paywave transaction of at least 5 GEL in TBC Bank's POS terminals. 

Which cards participate in the campaign?

Any card issued by TBC Bank participates in the campaign.

How can I learn how many transaction I have made?

You will receive an SMS, which will provide you with the information about the transactions you have accumulated and how many transactions are yet to be made in order to receive money.