How can I earn money? 

  • If you are already 18 years old, Booklark application gives you a possibility to earn additional income; 
  • Download the application from Apple Store or Play Store;
  • You will need online registration;
  • In the application indicate the verification code sent to your email address; 
  • After you send the contact information on individuals interested in loan; 
  • In order to confirm the application, please indicate the code that will be sent to individuals interested in loan; 


  • GEL 12 (net GEL 9.6) bonus per each approved loan;
  • 100 bonus points per each approved application;
  • 1 point for each application sent;
  • Accrued points can be exchanged on gifts;
  • To receive earned amount, it is necessary to sign an agreement in any of TBC Bank's branches.
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