In order to withdraw funds from an account the client is entitled to use special form of outgoing cash order received in advance from the bank.  

  • The cashing order has protective signs;
  • The cashing order has an unique series number;
  • It contains 25 pages, as  a book.


  • The cashing order is filled in and signed with ink-pen or ball pen;
  • In the fields "day, month( in letters), year" a date of  filling in the order should be  indicated;
  • Client's (account holder's) account from where the  withdrawal should be done  is indicated in the field "account number";
  • Client's name/name and surname, identification number/private number are indicated in field "account holder and identification number";
  • Withdrawal amount is indicated in numbers in the  field "amount in numbers", The value expressed in tetris must be a multiple of 5. The free space before and after the numbers are filled in with two  lines;
  • Amount in letters is indicated in the field "amount  in word";
  • Relevant currency code GEL, USD, EUR is  indicated in the field "currency" or  in case of  currency  different from the above mentioned, particular currency code is indicated in the field "other currency";
  • Purpose of cash withdrawal in accordance with  legislation of Georgia is  indicated in the field "purpose";
  • The field  "account holder notes" is certified with account holder's stamp (if exists) and with  signatures of authorized individual(s). 
  • Recipient's name, surname and identification number is indicated in the  field "Amount receiver"; Recipient certifies the receipt of amount by  signing the field "signature";
  • In case  the  text of withdrawal order is  corrected, also, if  there is any contextual in accordance among different fields of the order (account holder, recipient, amount and currency) the  order is regarded as void.
  • The edge of  the  withdrawal order is filled in by client in case of necessity. In this part client puts the same information as  in the main part. 
  • The signature by the recipient on the edge of the order certifies that cash  withdrawal order (main part) was given to the  recipient.
  • Account holder is obliged to return cash withdrawal orders (main parts and edges) in the bank when the account is closed.
  • The special order filled in violation of the procedures for filling a special order shall be considered incorrectly filled in. 
  • If a special order is filled  in incorrectly or any amendment is made to the text of the special order, the latter shall be considered invalid, and the bank may not execute the request of the customer or the person providing the special order to cash out the amount.
  • The same procedure applies, if a special order, according to the bank, is damaged. 
  • The bank may not issue the amount, if the signature put on the special order cannot be matched with the sample of the customer's signature. 


Cash withdrawal orders are kept with account holder. The client shall be under obligation to: 
  • maintain safety of the special orders
  • not to permit transfer of the special orders to third parties without first filling it in; 
  • follow the rules on filling in of the special orders.
  • to immediately notify the bank of the loss of a special order(s) 


Cashing Order Fee -   7 GEL