The following are a number of ATM safety and security tips that will protect you against different types of fraud.  

  • Always observe your surroundings as you approach an ATM. Do not use an ATM if you see anyone or anything suspicious;
  • Using an ATM is not recommended if there is poor lighting at the ATM location;
  • Do not use an ATM that looks unusual (there is an unusual/unfamiliar device affixed to it);
  • When using an ATM, try to shield the keypad so that no one can see you enter your PIN;
  • Do not allow anyone to "shoulder surf" – i.e. watch you enter your PIN by peering over your shoulder. Try to remember your PIN; do not write it on the reverse side of your card;
  • If you plan to carry out several transactions at an ATM, make sure that cash withdrawal is done last;
  • When you finish your transactions at an ATM, make sure that: 
    • You have your card and the cash drawn in your possession;
    • Your ATM session has ended. For examples, if the following question appears on the ATM screen - WOULD YOU LIKE ANOTHER SERVICE (or DO YOU WANT ANOTHER TRANSACTION) -please press CANCEL on the keypad or NO on the right-hand side of the screen and thus end your ATM session.

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