• Access your savings at any time
  • Get up to 5.50% annual interest rate in GEL
  • Earn up to 1% more with one of our Tariff Packages

General description

"My Safe" combines secure savings and a high interest rate, while giving you the access to your savings at any time.

You can always access your savings. However you earn high interest on the non-reducible fixed amount.

Interest rates

Effective interest rate is calculated for minimum 1000 units deposited.

Deposit "My Safe"



 Nominal Interest Rate



 Effective Interest Rate



Other terms

  • Account opening - 10 GEL*;
*Account opening via internet and mobile banking is free of charge.

Minimum initial deposit

  • Not required.
Terms and conditions
  • Deposit does not have terms;
  • Interest accrues on the minimum amount available in the "My Safe" account from the 1st through the last day of the calendar month.
  • You can deposit amounts on "My Safe" account in cash or by transfer;
  • Commissions apply for cash and wire transfer withdrawal if the amount was deposited on "My Safe" account via a non-cash transfer. Fees are calculated in accordance with the current tariffs of the Bank.


Deposit Protection Notice For UK Citizens

JSC TBC Bank is a joint-stock company incorporated in Georgia, with its registered office and principal place of business at 7 Marjanishvili St., 0102 Tbilisi. JSC TBC Bank has a share capital of GEL 20,617,387 and total reserves of GEL 1,299,140,813 as of December 31, 2017. TBC Bank is the trading name of JSC TBC Bank. JSC TBC Bank is authorised and regulated for its deposit taking business by the National Bank of Georgia. JSC TBC Bank is not, and is not required to be, authorised in the UK. Depending on your status as a consumer, eligible deposits at JSC TBC Bank may be  protected under the regulations of the National Bank of Georgia and the Law of Georgia on Deposit Insurance.


Deposits Insurance System

On 1 January 2018, the Bank joined the deposit insurance system designed pursuant to the Law of Georgia on Deposit Insurance System. All deposits/accounts held by individuals with any commercial bank, irrespective of the number of the deposits/ accounts, are subject to coverage by the Deposit Insurance Agency up to 15,000 GEL, while the remaining amount will be refunded in compliance with the rules envisaged by the effective legislation.
For more information please visit the Deposit Insurance Agency's website:


Tariffs at branches
Tariffs in internet banking
Withdrawal of transferred amount/amount deposited in cash GEL 0.20% -
Withdrawal of transferred amount/amount deposited in cash USD/EUR/GBP 0.25% -
"My Safe" deposit opening fee GEL/USD/EUR/GBP 10 GEL Free of charge
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