• Simple savings in a deposit account
  • Save money as you spend it
  • Pay by card and start savings
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General Description

What is My Savings Box?

  • My Savings Box allows saving to a deposit account in a simple way, upon debit card transactions.

What amount can be saved?

  • Choose an amount to be transferred to your Savings Box account upon a debit card transaction.


  • Fixed option – Choose a transfer amount equaling 0.2, 0.5, 1, 3 or 5 GEL.

Example: You have chosen 3 GEL and performed 20 transactions over a month.

Amount chosen

Number of transactions over a month

Total amount  saved



60 GEL


How to save with My Money Box?

  • Savings are accumulated upon card transactions including:
  • Card payments at points of sale;
  • Online card payments;
  • Cash withdrawal from ATM. 

Where do savings accumulate?

  • The savings may be assigned to the following accounts:
  • A cumulative deposit My Goal;
  • Savings Deposit;
  • My Safe
  • The interest rate set for the selected deposit will apply to the savings.

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How to sign up?

  • You can sign up for My Money Box at any TBC Bank branch, or via call center, internet and mobile banking.
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