• Get more benefits in internet and mobile bank!

Get more benefits in internet and mobile banking!

  • Get more interest on deposit
  • Pay less in fees


Do you have a deposit? You can check the status of your deposit, accrued interest, expiration date and other related information any time in Internet Bank. 

You do not have a deposit?

Open it through Internet Banking, get higher interest rate than when opening through the branch and save money to fulfill your wishes!


In Branch:

From Internet Banking:

Opening My Safe GEL 10  Free
Interest rate accrued at the time of opening the term deposit Standard Standard interest rate +0.2%
Interest accrued on the opening of the deposit My Goal  Standard Standard interest rate +0.3%

Utility payments

Each of us makes utility payments every month, however, there is no more a need to queue in the branch and pay high fees to make these payments.

Internet Banking enables you to make any utility payment from any place and what is more important, to make these payments without additional costs!

  • Utility payments (TV, Internet, Phone)- free
  • Mobile top up - free


What are the advantages of Internet Banking compared to  the branches? You can transfer money to anybody even if you only know their mobile phone number.

Fee for direct transfers with mobile number:

  • Up to 20 GEL to any bank – free
  • More than 20 GEL to any bank – 1 GEL

Fee for standard transfers with account number:

  • To TBC Bank account – free
  • To other banks – 0.07% min. 0.90 GEL


In addition, Internet Bank offers a better currency exchange rate than the branch.

Make your banking experience simpler and get more benefits!