Necessary  information for cyber security


How to create a strong password

Strong password = complex + easy to remember

With minimum 8 characters

Should include capital and lower case letters, digits and symbols

It is good if it contains two or more words + is entertaining

Should not include personal information.

Example: tskh3liX@chapuri


What is phising?

Phising is a fake web page designed for stealing the information.

The address and content of the fake web page resembles those of the original web-page, the user should always pay attention to URL Bar and make sure they are on the real web site.

For example, the domain includes zero instead of letter «O» and this can mislead the user.


Malware programs:

Malware programs try to steal or damage user information/credentials.

The user should not install programs downloaded from unsafe sources.

Majority of unlicensed programs come with viruses.

Unupdated operational systems and programs  can also cause viral infection of the computer.


Scammers in internet:

Internet scammers attempt to get private or banking information of an user.

They use fake profiles in social networks and attempt to involve you in various activities.

The customer should not trust their banking information (internet bank username or password, credit card information, account number) to anybody, especilly to internet acquaintances.

The user should not follow the links sent by unknown persons (this can be phishing).

The user should not open files sent by unknown persons (they can contain malware program).



Banking information:


Credit card security

Card information should not become available to third parties.

When paying with a card, the cardholder should not let the service provider take their card, instead they should ask the service provider to bring the terminal at place.

Customer can remember the CCV2 code embossed on the card and after delete it from the card.

It is recommended to have seperate cards for everyday use and for internet shopping.  


Smartphone security

The smartphone should have the so-called screen lock, so that in case the phone is lost, the personal information does not get available to third parties.

Applications, downloaded from suspicious sources should not be installed on the smartphone as they may contain malware programs.

When installing the application, attention should be paid to the rights the application requires, as some of them might request unnecessary function for wrong purposes.

The smartphone should not be rooted/jailbroken, as this gives access to full phone control  to malware programs.


Trusted beneficiary

In TBC digital channels, a trusted beneficiary is perceived as a trusted template. If the template is listed as trusted, then you'll no longer need SMS or Digipass code when transferring or paying.

We recommend, to mark as a trusted template only those recipients, that you trust and will need to transfer funds to them frequently.