Payment cards can be prepared and sent overseas only to our existing clients who have a card account with TBC Bank.


If you are staying abroad and need to renew your card, For more information on courier services in your preferred country, please contact TBC:

  • via our Call Centre;
  • by sending us a relevant notification via internet banking;


After a while, all VISA/MasterCard transactions will appear on the Client's account history list. You can inquire about all your transactions through our information services, without visiting a branch.

*Weekly spending limit refers to authorized purchase transactions made with the card as well as to reversals/refunds.


  1. Who can be sent the card abroad?


The card can be prepared for and sent abroad to the existing clients only having at least one card account opened with TBC Bank.


  1. What kind of a card can be prepared for a client being abroad?


  • Visa/Mc Gold card

can be prepared for sending abroad.


  1. What are the limits and the fee of the card?


In case of Visa/Mc Gold card:

Monthly fee

2.5 GEL

Card cash withdrawal at other banks' ATMs

2%, min. 3 USD/EUR/GBP or 6 GEL

Card cash withdrawal at other banks' service centre terminal

2%, min. 3 USD/EUR/GBP or 6 GEL (from GEL account)

Card replacement

2.5 GEL

Weekly payment limit

100,000 GEL or equivalent in a relevant currency

Cash withdrawal limit at ATM

20 000 GEL (24 hours) 75 000 GEL (168 hours) or equivalent in a relevant currency


In case of card renewal, monthly service fee (2.5 GEL) will not be additionally charged within the package.


  1. How can the request for card renewal be filed?


Card renewal can be requested:

  • By contacting the Call Centre;
  • Via internet banking account, by SMS.



  1. Which company provides the courier service?


The service company is UPS.


  1. Can the card be renewed and sent abroad by PoA?


The card can be renewed and sent abroad by PoA, if the latter authorizes the attorney to follow the card renewal mandatory procedures.


  1. What are the costs of sending the card per countries?






64 GEL

77 GEL

63 GEL

103 GEL

The given tariffs are approximate. Exact tariffs can be calculated based on the postal code of a country/city.
The transportation cost may be added additional service fee depending on the postal code of a recipient totaling around 35 USD equivalent in GEL. 

The card and the Pincode are sent as a single mail in separate envelopes.


  1. How long does it take to deliver the card?


When there is no hindrance with regard to the mail, its delivery takes around 7 business days.

Due to pandemic restrictions, the term may increase up to 14 business days.


  1. What can be done if the recipient cannot receive the card?


If the recipient cannot receive the mail on the first occasion, the courier can make two additional attempts at delivering it to the specified address.
If the mail cannot be delivered after the three attempts, it shall be returned  to the sender or destroyed depending on the regulation of a country.



  1. How can the mail location be established?


The mail location can be established via the UPS web-site by verifying the tracking number at Tracking Department.

If requested by the client, the tracking number is sent to the latter via internet banking notification ( Tracking | UPS - United States ).