• A Subscription Plan for students
  • Totally free of charge
  • Diverse student offers
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General Description

The Student Subscription Plan combines all basic products and services students may need, to make their life easier. The Plan has been designed for individuals aged 18 through 23.

Non-residents can apply for TBC Subscription Plan if they submit a Georgian university enrolment certificate.


  • The Student Subscription Plan and the basic products/services under the Plan are free for the users.
  • Card included in the Plan is a Mastercard debit and a Visa card that can be used in Georgia as well as abroad.
  • Subscribers will enjoy diverse and relevant offers from various stores, academic institutions and entertainment facilities. The offers will be posted on: WWW.TBCYOUTH.GE
  • Campaign details will be available to the subscribers via various information channels run by the Bank: social networks, SMS texts, the Bank's website.

Terms and Tariffs

Basic products included in the Package:

  • A students card with a special design 
  • Internet and Mobilebank
  • SMS Service
Product/ Service Student's Plan Standard Terms and Conditions
Monthly /Annual - 0 GEL
2 cards-free Without a subscription plan is only 1 card available
Cash withdrawal from TBC ATMs 0% 0%
Cash withdrawal from partner Bank ATMs 0.2% 0,2 %
Cash withdrawal via Wallet 0.2% min. 0.2 GEL 0.2% min. 0.2 GEL
Cash withdrawal from other banks' ATMs 2%, მინ. 3 USD/EUR/GBP ან 6 GEL    2%, მინ. 3 USD/EUR/GBP ან 6 GEL   
ATM withdrawal limit -24 hours 10,000 GEL 10,000 GEL
ATM cash withdrawal limit -168 hours 50,000 GEL 50,000 GEL
Purchase Limit -168 hours 85,000 GEL 85,000 GEL
Inclusion in the STOP list -local free free
Inclusion in the STOP list -international 50 USD per region, once a week 50 USD per region, once a week
Card replacement free free
Gambling Transactions Restricted Restricted
Cash withdrawal from subscription plan card account in TBC Bank branches   <= 3,000 GEL - 2%, min. 2 GEL <= 3,000 GEL - 2%, min. 2 GEL
<=1000 USD/EURO/GBP -  2% , min. 1 USD/EURO/GBP <=1000 USD/EURO/GBP -  2% , min. 1 USD/EURO/GBP
 >3000/ >1000 USD/EURO/GBP - 0,6 %  >3000/ >1000 USD/EURO/GBP - 0,6 %
Internet/Mobail bank free free
SMS service free 1 GEL monthly
Rompetrol cash back 0.50% The product/ service is not available independently, without the subscription plan 

The Client is aware of their right to refuse to accept the product/service provided within the scope of this Application (Agreement). The Rules/Terms and Conditions of refusing a product-service are set out in the Agreement on Banking Transactions published on the Bank's website.

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