• A Subscription Plan for students
  • Totally free of charge
  • Diverse student offers
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General Description

Student Subscription Plan is a bundle of banking products and services aimed at making students' daily life easier. It includes all basic banking products they may need. Student Subscription Plan is for individuals from 18 to 24 years of age. 
  • Subscription plan holders can enjoy diverse offers specially designed for students.
  • The Subsctiption Plan and the products it contains are free of charge. 
  • The unique card design allows the holder to make changes to it whenever they wish.


  • Student Subscription Plan and the basic products it contains are free of charge for the clients. 
  • The Subscription Plan includes #studentcard – an MC debit card specially designed for students that can be used in Georgia as well as abroad.
  • Subscription Plan holders will permanently enjoy diverse offers at stores as well as at educational and entertainment facilities. The offers can be viewed at
  • Subscription Plan holders will be informed about the offers through various communication channels of TBC Bank: social media, SMS messages and the bank's website. 

Terms and Tariffs

Basic products included in the Package:
  • A student card #yourcard with a special design 
  • Internet banking 
  • SMS Service   
Monthly fee 0 GEL
Annual fee 0 GEL
Internet/mobile banking Free
Digipass app -
Cash withdrawal 2,000 GEL **
Cash withdrawal from TBC ATMs 0%
Cash withdrawal from VTB, Basis Bank and Halyk Bank ATMs 0.2%, min. 0.2 GEL
Cash withdrawal from Liberty Bank ATMs 0.7%, min. 0.3 GEL
Cash withdrawal from other banks' ATMs 2%, min. 3 USD or 6 GEL*
Cash withdrawal in branches 0.60%
SMS Service Free
Utility payment service -
Card insurance -
Card replacement Free
Inclusion in the STOP list (local) Free
Inclusion in the STOP list (international) 50 USD per region, once a week
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