Do you not have time to visit a bank?

TBC Bank's Internet banking enables you to:

  • Check balances, available and blocked amounts on your accounts and  view statements
  • Transfers between your own accounts, to other persons and entities and to the state treasury
  • Top up mobiles and pay bills
  • Manage deposits and loans
  • View currency exchange rates and make currency exchanges
  • Apply for banking products online
  • Customize internet banking


TBC Bank's internet banking was named best for 4 times!

For more information read the article.

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Internet banking is free for everybody.

  • Registration: Free of charge
  • Quarterly fee: Free of charge
  • Token fee: 10 GEL (for initial purchase and replacement)


Fees for transactions done through internet banking

  • Transfers between own accounts/currency exchange (except of transactions from credit cards) - Free
  • Credit Card Transfers (Prime card, TBC Card) - Standard fees apply
  • Transfers outside of own accounts in GEL and foreign currency  - Standard fees apply
  • Mobile top-ups - Free of charge
  • Utility payments - 0.5 GEL


Secure transactions are our priority.

We ensure a high level of security for internet banking using modern technologies. However, there are guidelines that users themselves should follow:

  • Before logging in, make sure you are on the right URL:, you can always recheck its validity with the security certificate by clicking on the padlock in the upper or lower panel of the browser;
  • Do not share your internet banking Username, Password and telephone code. Do not save them on the computer, internet, mobile or any other medium that isn't password protected;
  • Be careful using a public computer. Make sure to LOG OUT once you have finished your internet banking session;
  • Do not leave the computer unattended while logged in;
  • Do not send confidential information via email. The bank will never ask you for your personal or security information, any passwords or information about your accounts;
  • If you feel your transaction security has been compromised, contact us immediately;
  • If you receive a suspicious email, stating that it is from TBC Bank, please contact us immediately.

What do we do to protect you?

  • Registration information is checked before authorization;
  • Our internet banking is protected by the leading global provider of SSL certificates Thawte;
  • Logging into internet banking is secured with a username and a password, which are unique;
  • Transactions outside of your own account are additionally secured with a telephone code;
  • The telephone code is an 8-digit code that is known only to you. You could have already used it for identification while calling our call center.

For additional security:

  • Note that there are three authorisation methods - basic, medium and high. Choosing which one to use is completely up to you;
  • The basic level of authorization uses a static telephone code that does not change. A one-time SMS code which is sent to your cell phone is used for medium level. A one-time code generated by the token or mobile phone application is used for the highest level;
  • Please note that even the basic level of authorisation ensures your safety according to world-renowned mobile transactions security standards.

Privacy policy

Click here to see privacy policy



How can I register for internet banking?

There are 2 options for internet banking registration:

  • Registration in branches - you will need to visit a branch, apply for the product and receive your user name and password.
  • Online registration - you will need to visit and click on "online registration" button. The registration process includes just 4 steps and will take just few minutes. Pease note, your mobile number or email should be registered in the bank for online registration.


How can I log in to internet banking?
Please visit and enter your user name and password in the corresponding fields.

How can I get help with internet banking?

There are several help options available in internet banking:

  • Hints - you can receive help any time while internet banking. Press the help button and bring the cursor over the question mark for your topic and get a hint.
  • Interactive demo - Please visit, click "Virtual Guide", select "Interactive Demo" and have fun while learning how to use our internet banking.
  • Virtual guide - Please visit, click "Virtual Guide", select "Virtual Guide" and watch informative videos showing how to accomplish banking transactions online.
  • FAQ - Please visit, click "Virtual Guide", select "FAQ" and receive answers to any question regarding internet banking.

Which certification methods are available for internet banking?

There are 3 certification methods for TBC Bank's internet banking - Basic, medium and high. You decide which method to use and you can select your desired method from the internet banking settings.

The main difference between certification methods is that static 8 digit telephone code is used for the basic level, whereas one-time codes generated for each transaction are used for the medium and high level methods.

An SMS code is used for medium level. This is a onetime code sent to your cell phone.

One-time codes are generated on a token device or on an application installed on your mobile phone for high-level security. Our mobile app "TBC Digipass" is available in the App Store (for iPhones) and on Google Play (from Android phones).

How to register or recover password?

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