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General Information

Are you tired of paper bills? Do you forget payer ID? Let TBC Bank handle all of your bill payments

After registering, you can pay bills with fixed amounts (e.g:, insurance payments, subscription fees for internet, cable television, landline telephone,  etc.) as well as bills with variable amounts. 

You can choose a payment date best suited for you. If you wish to pay a fixed amount each month, you can also define the amount, if not – then the bank determines the amount due using the electronic bills sent from the utility companies and makes the payments for you.  

Easy, isn't it?

All you need is to register and have enough money on your account to perform the transactions.


Registration fee Free
Service fee Free


When are performed Direct Debit transfers?

Direct Debit transfers are performed twice a day at 9:00 and 18:30.


What happens in case of insufficient funds ?

Direct Debit transfers will be performed only if sufficient funds are available on the account (automatic transfers will not be made with insufficient amounts). To make automatic utility payments via debit or credit card accounts, the card needs to be active and have sufficient funds available on account.


What happens if required amount is deposited on the account on the last day of payment?

If client deposits the amount for automatic transfers to the account on the last day of the predefined payment date, the amount transferred by the bank will be reflected in the provider company's database the next day. The bank is not responsible for penalties charged by the provider company.


Why can payment occur when the bill is already paid?

It shall be taken into account that if a utility payment is made directly to the provider company and this company does not annul the liability on the payment date, the bank will still perform the Direct Debit transfer based on the information received from the provider company's database. In this case, the bank is not responsible for returning the excess amount paid.


In which cases is the bank allowed to cance Direct Debit order?

The bank has the right to cancel the Direct Debit order unless an automatic transfer is performed within 365 days; after the Direct Debit order is cancelled, the client should fill out the application form once again for the Direct Debit service.


Will the unperformed payment be still executed?

If the Direct Debit order is not performed because of insufficient funds on the account or any other  reason when performing fixed transfers (for instance, performing automatic transfers on the specific date of each month), the bank will attempt to perform the order on each following day until the next month's fixed date.


What happens if payment date is a holiday or a weekend?

If the transfer day is a holiday or a weekend, the order will compleat on the same day.

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