Product Description and Terms and Fees

If you want to buy your first car or replace your current one.

Purpose Purchase of a new or a second-hand car
Loan amount 500-270 000 GEL* (equivalent in USD/EUR)
Loan tenor 6-120 months
Interest rate From 14.3% (GEL), from 11% (USD), from 9.3%( EUR)
Effective interest rate From 27% (GEL), from 23 % (USD), from 22.13%( EUR)
Disbursement fee 1%, min. 50 GEL
Loan collateral Maximum 72 months - a car, Maximum 120 months - real estate
Participation From 0%
Borrower A citizen of Georgia
Co-borrower Mother, father, sister, brother, spouse. Maximum 2 co-borrowers are allowed for one loan.
Income Salary, rent, money remittances, dividend
Ways to evidence income Salary account statement from a bank or Revenue Service, rent agreement, remittance statements
* Loan of up to 200 000 GEL are disbursed only in GEL
Interesting offers MTPL, loan insurance, mortgage loan, travel insurance