Product Description and Terms and Fees

If you want to buy your first car or replace your current one.

Purpose Purchase of a new or a second-hand car
Loan amount 500-450 000 GEL* (equivalent in USD/EUR)
Loan tenor 6-120 months
Interest rate From 13.5% (GEL), from 8.5% (USD), from 7.3%( EUR)
Effective interest rate From 22.70% (GEL), from 17.70% (USD), from 16.46%( EUR)
Disbursement fee 1%, min. 50 GEL
Loan collateral Maximum 72 months - a car, Maximum 120 months - real estate
Participation From 0%
Borrower A citizen of Georgia
Co-borrower Mother, father, sister, brother, spouse. Maximum 2 co-borrowers are allowed for one loan.
Income Salary, rent, money remittances, dividend
Ways to evidence income Salary account statement from a bank or Revenue Service, rent agreement, remittance statements
Interesting offers MTPL, loan insurance, mortgage loan, travel insurance
The annual percentage rates given in the table are tied to the indexed interest rate