Product Description and Terms and Fees
If you are self-employed or are paid in cash.
Purpose For any purpose
Loan amount 500-15000 GEL
Loan tenor 6- 48 months
Interest rate From 12.25%
Effective interest rate From 15.5%
Disbursement fee 2%, min 50 GEL
Life insurance fee 0.72%
Cash withdrawal fee (from account) 0%-0.6% -according to account fees

Overdue penalty

20 GEL - on the first day the loan goes past due, 0. 5% of the outstanding amount on a daily basis, though no more than required by law
Early repayment fee (from own funds as well as from another bank)

0%-2 % depending on the term remaining before the maturity date of the credit: 
if more than 24 months remain- 2%
 if from 12 to 24 months remain -1%
 if from 6 to 12 months remain -0.5%
 if less than 6 months remain - 0%

Loan collateral Unsecured
Borrower Citizens of Georgia engaging in private business: cook, nurse, private teacher, taxi driver, hairdresser, worker/craftsman/artisan, architect, private teacher, painter, choreographer, trainer, gardener, tailor, motor mechanic, medical nurse, etc.
Ways to evidence income Photo materials of the workplace taken during the visit of the Bank's representative
Interesting offers My Payroll Card, My Safe, Internet Banking

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