Description and Terms of Product

For buying an apartment from the Bank's partner development company, take a mortgage loan through a simplified method of income analysis.

Purpose Buying an apartment from the Bank's partner development company
Amount 30 000-600 000 GEL
Tenor 6-240 months (120 months if a loan is taken in a foreign currency)
Interest Rate GEL – from 13.9%, EUR – from 6.7%, USD – from 8.8% (indexed loan)
Effective Interest Rate GEL - from 15.44%, EUR – from 7.49%, USD – from 9.76%
Effective interest rate if an indexed loan is changed by 5 points (GEL)/3 points (foreign currency) GEL - from 21.26%, EUR- from 10.72%, USD – from 11.06%
Effective interest rate if GEL depreciates by 15% EUR – from 28.52%, USD – from 31.46%
Disbursement fee 0.40%
Security Real estate bought with loan amount
Participation 20 %-დან
Life insurance rate 0.72%
Property insurance rate 0.28%
Withdrawal fee from account  0%-0.6% -according to the tariff of account
Overdue penalty 20 GEL – on the first day overdue, 0.5% of the arrears for each overdue day (no more than 1.5 times the outstanding principal amount). 
Early repayment fee if repaid with own resources and other banks 0.5% - if more than 6 months remain before the maturity of the Agreement
0% - if less than 6 months remains before the maturity of the Agreement 
Borrower A citizen of Georgia or a foreign country
Co-borrower N/A
Way of evidencing income Income can be evidenced in a simplified way 

Loans of up to 200 000 GEL are disbursed to citizens of Georgia only in the national currency.
The interest rates included in the table are linked to Public Index.

Index- GEL - NBG refinancing rate; USD - Term SOFR; EUR – Euribor index.