With TBC PAY LATER, divide your purchase price into four equal parts without incurring interest and penalties.

The facility will be available if you get pre-approved for a PAY LATER limit. You can check the limit in your mobile banking app.

You will be able to use the facility by scanning a QR code from the display of the POS terminal by using your digital banking app. Once you scan the QR code, key terms and the payment plan will appear.

Finally, you will confirm/submit the agreement.


Key Terms:


100 - 5 000 GEL

Product Period

4 months

Interest Rate


Effective Interest Rate


Disbursement Fee


Early Repayment Fee


Late Payment Penalty

2 (two) GEL and 1.50%  (point five) of the payment past due (no more than 0,27% of the outstanding principal balance).

 Furthermore, the total amount of expenses incurred from the date on which the payment went past due until the date on which it is paid off shall not exceed 1.5x the current outstanding principal balance.


The TBC PAY LATER offer is available at partner stores. See the list of the stores in your mobile banking app.