Product Description and Terms and Fees


Loan Amount

Depending on the deposit currency:


Loan Term

Depending on the deposit term

Interest Rate

Annual interest on the deposit + 4%



Effective Interest Rate

The effective interest rate depends on loan terms such as: amount, maturity, annual interest and repayment schedule.


Example: if the amount of a cash covered loan is 4 000 units, the term is 12 months, the repayment schedule envisages monthly payments and the annual interest rate is 12%, the effective interest rate will be from 12.7%.

If GEL depreciates by 15%

29,98% (for foreign currency loans – according to the example provided above).  

Disbursement / Withdrawal Fee


Early Repayment Fee if prepaid with own funds


Early Repayment Fee in case of external refinancing


Late Payment Penalty

One-time payment of no more than 20 (twenty) GEL / 10.0 (ten) USD / 10.0 (ten) EUR until the past due liability is paid off. 0.5% per day overdue (no more than 0.27% of the outstanding principal balance). Furthermore, the total amount of expenses incurred from the date on which the payment went past due until the date on which it is paid off shall not exceed 1.5x the current outstanding principal balance.