• Startup Loan
    Apply online for startup loan and build your business
  • Working capital financing
    Grow your inventory and assortment or repay liabilities to your suppliers!
    General Terms
    • Term - up to 3 years
    • Payment schedule customized to businesses
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  • Fixed assets financing
    Make long-term investment into your business
    General terms
    • Term - up to 10 years
    • Purpose - fixed assets or transport purchasing or repair
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  • Credit line
    Manage your monetary assets more effectively.
    General terms
    • Term - up to 12 months
    • Borrowing and repayment according to business needs within a specified limit
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  • Trade finance
    Easily secure your import-export and documentary transactions
    General terms
    • Term - depends on the contract between parties involved
    • Purpose - sales and purchase operations management and Secure fulfillment of contractual obligations
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  • Local Debt Capital Market
    Access to local and international investors
    • Alternative funding solutions through access to local capital market
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  • Investment Loan with 15% Cash Back
    Get the Business Loan and receive back the 15% from the loan amoun
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