• Cash terminal (cash register plus POS terminal
  • Up-to-date and comfortable payment system
  • Receipts can be printed upon payments in cash as well as card payments.
installation, technical service, training


Improve your overall business performance by installing just one piece of equipment.

Innovative product – Cash terminal is a POS terminal that can also function as a cash register. It can print receipts on cash as well as card payments.

Less expenses – No need to pay the price of the machine, 390 GEL, and to take maintenance/technical support costs. 

Simplified billing – amounts are debited automatically, which saves time and mitigates random shutdown risks.

Online Registration

To apply for the installation of a Cash terminal at your business location, please fill application form on the following link.


Cash terminal installation Free
Staff training Free
Technical support Free
Courier service Free
Fiscal memory Free
Change of address Free
Change of name Free
Change of the text on the receipt Free
Paper 7 rolls a month for free
Disconnecting from the register Free
Transaction charge For TBC Bank cards: 1.5%, min. 0.10 GEL For partner bank cards: 1.7%, min. 0.10 GEL For other Georgian banks' cards: 2%, min. 0.10 GEL For foreign banks' cards: 2.4%, min. 0.10 GEL (1.5% for DCC transactions)
Monthly charge for POS terminal service 60 GEL top-up fee


*Partner bank- http://ufc.ge/index.php?a=main&pid=9&lang=geo

*Top-up Fee - the total of fees from the previous month's turnover of all POS terminals run by the "Facility" is calculated at the start of each month. If the sum of fees from all merchants is less than the amount indicated in the box for a top-up fee, the difference shall be drawn from the Facility's current, savings or card account(s) in the month following the accounting month on the basis of direct (pre-authorized) debit.



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Become our partner

For the installation of TBC Bank Cash terminal, please:

Follow the link and fill out the application or leave your contact information.


  • Halyk Bank
  • BasisBank
  • Credo Bank
  • Liberty Bank
  • Silk Bank