• Increased sales through non-cash transactions
  • Payments received directly to your bank account
  • Decreased cost and no cash handling
installment and training

General Description

Improve your business in 4 ways by installing one device!

  • Increase your sales - Customers who pay with plastic cards at the retail locations usually spend more than people who pay with cash. They are not limited by cash volumes and can buy goods whenever they find them.
  • Improve service - Payment cards contribute to good service. Transactions take seconds, leaving sales staff with more time to look after your customers and build better relationships.
  • Decrease expenses - Cash handling requires extensive security and comes at rather high costs. On the other side, once your customers process card payments, the funds are automatically applied to your corporate accounts.
  • Simplify accounting process - As a TBC merchant, you receive payments, at your bank account. That makes accounting quicker and simpler.

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For the installation of TBC Bank POS terminal, please: 


POS installment


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Instruction of using POS Terminal

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partner banks

  • VTB Bank
  • Halyk Bank
  • Basisbank
  • Finca Bank Georgia
  • Ziraat Bank
  • Credo Bank
  • Liberty Bank

Adding Terminal for Partner Company

For adding the TBC Bank POS Terminal in your facility, please:

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