TBC E-Commerce integration is available to all service providers that have a license from NBG, an active business status and a certificate from the VISA international payment system.
TBC Bank's acquiring services allow service providers to accept all VISA/MC cards regardless of the issuing bank.
TBC Bank offers diverse e-commerce services, such as TBC E-Commerce, e-commerce, Pay By Link, etc., that allow service providers to improve the customers' payment experience through fast and seamless processes and stay on top of their daily online transactions. 
  • Easy integration
  • Diverse and flexible payment methods
  • Transaction management space
  • A checkout page that is easy to use and operate.

Service Limits

Standard TBC E-Commerce limits for service providers for sub-merchants:

  • Per-transaction limit - 3 000 GEL;
  • Daily limit - 10 000 GEL

The standard limits may change according to merchant profile and turnover.

Online Registration

  • Follow the link and fill out the application form
  • Our service manager will contact you within 24 hours after you submit the application.

Applicable Tariffs

Standard/general tariffs (please note that the tariffs provided below can be revised under an agreement between the Bank and the service provider):

  • For TBC Bank's VISA/MC cards - 1,6% (min 0,1)
  • For other Georgian banks' VISA/MC cards - 2% (min 0,1)
  • For foreign banks' VISA/MC cards - 2,5% (min 0,1)
  • For digital wallet payments – transaction fee + 0.2%


Agreement in force since 29.02.2024.

Click here to see the agreement.



Agreement – for client applications signed from 10.01.2024

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is TBC E-commerce and what does it offer?
TBC E-Commerce is a fast and secure payment gateway with easy integration and flexible payment options. It offers service providers diverse payment solutions.  
  • How can a service provider get registered with TBC E-Commerce?
A service provider needs to fill out and submit an application on The Bank will consider the application and the Bank manager will contact the applicant within 24 hours of submission. If the application is approved, the service provider will receive technical integration details, as well as the offered terms and conditions, including the fee and transfer details. 
  • Which payment methods/tools does TBC E-Commerce support?
    • All Visa/MC cards;
    • TBC Bank's internet bank;
    • WEB QR in TBC mobile bank; 
    • Apple Pay/Google Pay.
    • Installments/ BNPL
    • Preauthorisation
    • Which banks' cards are accepted on TBC E-Commerce? 
TBC E-Commerce accepts all Visa and MC cards.
  • What is a QR code and how to use it for payment purposes? 
A QR (quick response) code is a type of barcode that allows easier and faster data retrieval. To pay using a QR code, one should run a TBC mobile app that allows QR code scanning. After scanning a QR code, a customer will choose their preferred payment card and the payment will be completed. 
  • Is it necessary to have a website to support the payment process via TBC E-Commerce?
A service provider must have a website for payment gateway integration. An exception is the Pay By Link solution, which uses one-time links and does not require a website. 
  • What is the required legal status for a service provider to qualify for TBC E-Commerce integration? 
A service provider must be a legal entity incorporated under the law of Georgia. 
  • Are there any additional conditions for a service provider to qualify for TBC E-Commerce integration? 
A service provide must be licensed as a payment service provider in line with NBG's rules and requirements and must have an active status. 
  • Which documents a service provider is required to submit to the Bank for consideration?

A service provider must submit a license from NBG and a certificate from an international payment system. 

At the consideration stage, the Bank will request additional documents such as merchant risk management policy, merchant integration policy, chargeback policy, AML policy, etc.  
  • Is any insurance reserve required before the activation of e-commerce serviceს? 
The need for an insurance reserve and the reserve amount will be determined according to merchant profile, turnover and risk level.  
An insurance reserve can be a percentage or a fixed amount. The insurance reserve clause, including the reserve amount, will be provided in the Agreement. 
  • Is there any charge on TBC E-Commerce gateway integration? 
No, TBC E-Commerce integration is free of charge.