• Sell or reallocate the CD without bank approval
  • Borrow from TBC Bank within the purchase amount

General Description

TBC Bank's Certificate of Deposit (CD) is a type of security representing the bank deposit; it is a bank's obligation towards the holder of the CD to fulfill all the terms and conditions incorporated in the CD.

Coupon CDs are sold at a nominal amount, with the coupon paid on a monthly basis; upon expiry of the term client receives the amount equal to the nominal.  
Example: a client wishes to purchase Coupon CD with the following conditions: 

  • Deposit Amount - (Nominal of CD) – GEL 10,000;
  • Term - 24 Months;
  • Interest Rate - 8.25%;
  • Monthly Coupon Payment will be GEL 68,75; Interest earned after 24 months – GEL 1650;
  • Deposit Amount at Maturity date - (Nominal Value of CD) – GEL 10,000.



Interest Rate


12 Months




From 12.26%

18 Months




From 12.31%

24 Months




From 12.34%

36 Months




From 12.17%

Sell Interest Rates

CD's sell Interest Rate(CD's Interest Rate + 4 %)  is  the rate at which the bank may repurchase the CD  from the client before the expiration date.

Interest rates for residents and nonresidents are the same.

General Description

  • Purchasing of CD is free of charge;
  • The confirming document for the holder of CD is the statement from the Bank certificate registry;
  • "TBC Bank" gives to the holder of certificates, statement from certificates registry, and in addition the Bank signs a certificate selling contract with the client;
  • An increase of amount on existing CD is not allowed;
  • Interest accrued on CD is not subject to taxation;
  • The holder of the certificate shall be entitled to sell the certificate to any person without pre-arrangement with the Bank;
  • Selling of CD to a third person, is charged by Bank with a commision of 0.1% of certificates nominal amount, minimum GEL 50;
  • Any payments relating to CD, shall be executed in "TBC Bank";
  • Upon  expiry of the term of certificate, the client is allowed to purchase new certificates;
  • The holder of certificate is allowed to take out a loan from "TBC Bank" within the purchase amount of certificates, by pledging them, at certificates interest rate plus 3%.
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