• Earn the highest interest on your saving
  • Sell or reallocate the CD without bank approval

General Description

TBC Bank's Certificate of Deposit (CD) is a type of security representing the bank deposit; it is a bank's obligation towards the holder of the CD to fulfill all the terms and conditions incorporated in the CD.

Discount CD is sold at discount to its nominal amount and upon expiry of the term client receives the amount equal to the nominal. The difference between the nominal amount and the purchase amount is the interest earned by the client.

E.g. client wishes to purchase Discount CD at the following conditions: 

  • Deposit Amount (CD's Purchase Amount) – GEL 10,000
  • Term - 12 Months
  • Interest Rate- 8.5%

Deposit Amount at Maturity date – (Nominal Value of CD) - GEL 10,850 
Interest Earned by client – (Discount) – GEL 850


The holder of the certificate has the right to sell or alienate the CD  without the bank's approval



Interest Rate


12 Months




From 11.19%

18 Months




From 11.57%

24 Months




From 11.61%

36 Months




From 11.65%

Sell Interest Rates

CD's sell Interest Rate(CD's Interest Rate + 4 %)  is  the rate at which the bank may repurchase the CD  from the client before the expiration date.

The Bank reserves the right to refuse the option of buyback of the certificate of deposit before maturity date.

Terms and Conditions

  • Purchasing of CD is free of charge; 
  • The confirming document for the holder of CD is the statement from the Bank certificate registry;
  • "TBC Bank" gives to the holder of certificates, statement from certificates registry, and in addition the Bank signs a certificate selling contract with the client;
  • An increase of amount on existing CD is not allowed;
  • Interest accrued on CD is not subject to taxation;
  • The holder of the certificate shall be entitled to sell the certificate to any person without pre-arrangement with the Bank;
  • Selling of CD to a third person, is charged by Bank with a commision of 0.1% of certificates nominal amount, minimum GEL 50;
  • Any payments relating to CD, shall be executed in "TBC Bank";
  • Upon  expiry of the term of certificate, the client is allowed to purchase new certificates;
  • The holder of certificate is allowed to take out a loan from "TBC Bank" within the purchase amount of certificates, by pledging them, at certificates interest rate plus 3%.
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