By means of TBC Business card, you and your employees can conduct necessary transactions worldwide, safely and efficiently. 
Large cash withdrawal limits and purchasing power eliminate all problems associated with large cash transactions.

  • With TBC Business cards, you simplify and control your purchasing habbits;
  • Your employees are provided with an easy and efficient way to settle general business expenses and travel spending;
  • With TBC Bank's online banking service you can get detailed balance reports keeping tight control over the cash flow;
  • While travelling abroad, the balance registered on the account is not subject to customs declaration.

Terms and fees

To get Visa Classic or MasterCard Standard, you will only need:
  • ID/ or Passport
  • The payment of the commission fee for card service
Service fee 150 GEL
Min. balance required 0 units
ATM withdrawal fee (TBC bank, VTB Bank, Halyk Bank, Basis bank) GEL - 0.2%, min 0.2 GEL
Other bank's ATM withdrawal fee 2%, min. 3 USD/EUR or 6 GEL (from GEL account)
Fees in merchants 0%
Weekly buying limit 100,000 GEL or equivalent
24 hr withdrawal limit (in banks) Unlimited for TBC Bank, 35,000 GEL or equivalent for other banks
24 hr withdrawal limit (in ATMs) 20,000 GEL or equivalent
Weekly withdrawal limit (in ATMs) 75,000 GEL or equivalent
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