• SMS Notifications regarding transactions
  • SMS Notifications regarding loan repayment date
  • SMS Notifications regarding deposit expiry
monthly fee

List of Commands

1 Ballance information for current/saving/My Safe accounts*
2 Commecial exchange rates of USD/GEL, EUR/GEL, USD/EUR
3 Official exchange rates of USD/GEL, EUR/GEL, GBP/GEL, RUB/GEL
4 Ballance information for business cards*
"T" is added before the phone number in case of top ups of other subscriber's phone balance. "yy" - operator code. "zzzzzz" - subscriber's 6 digit phone number. "ss" - Bali service Number.


SMS service fee is 1 GEL per month.


Please consider!

Your mobile service provider charges you a standard fee for sending SMS.

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