CyberSource is a world-leading Visa payment gateway that enables its customers to accept payments all over the world and use various readymade e-commerce websites. It also allows businesses to take online payments and use Visa payment processor services through direct integration, as well as to take advantage of readymade commerce platforms.

  • Simple integration
  • Enhanced protection against fraud
  • An opportunity to accept online payments worldwide
  • Direct access to state-of-the-art payment methods - Apple Pay/ Google Pay

Service Limits

Standard limits for TBC and CyberSource users:

  • Per transaction limit - 3000 GEL;
  • Daily limit - 10 000 GEL;

Online Registration

  • Follow the link and complete the Application Form.
  • Our Service Manager will contact you within 24 hours of submitting the Application Form.

Applicable Tariffs

Transaction fees:

  • TBC Bank VISA/MC cards – 2,2% (min 0,1)
  • Other Georgian banks' VISA/MC cards – 2,2% (min 0,1)
  • Foreign banks' VISA/MC cards – 2,5% (min 0,1)
  • Apple Pay/ Google Pay – transaction fee + 0.2%


Agreement in force since 29.02.2024.

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Agreement in force since 06.01.2024.

Agreement in force since 14.09.2023.

Changes in agreement


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Changes in agreement will be in force from 29.02.2024.



Changes in agreement - 06.01.2024

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CyberSource

CyberSource is VISA's payment gateway that enables businesses to accept and process payments worldwide through simple integration.

How to sign up on TBC CyberSource

After you fill out the Application Form, you will receive integration details and information about settlement, fees and other terms and conditions.

What payments methods does TBC CyberSource support?

  • Visa/MasterCard cards of any type
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay


Which banks' payment cards are accepted on TBC CyberSource?

Visa and MasterCard cards regardless of the bank.


What legal status is required for TBC CyberSource integration?

You must be registered as a taxpayer. It does not matter if you are a natural person or a legal person.


Is there any fee for CyberSource payment gateway integration?

No, there is no fee.