• Access the savings at any time
  • Get up to 3% annual interest rate in GEL

General Description

"My Safe" combines secure savings and a high interest rate, while giving you the access to your savings at any time.

You can always access the savings. However you earn high interest on the non-reducible fixed amount.


Interest Rates






Other terms


  • Account opening - free of charge
  • Monthly account maintenance - free of charge 
  • Cash deposit on Account „My Safe" - free of charge

Minimum Initial Deposit

  • Minimum Initial Deposit - not required
  • Maximum Initial Deposit – not limited
  • Changing amount: it is possible to reduce or increase amount anytime

Other terms and conditions

  • Customer - resident or non-resident Legal entity
  • Requirement – to have current account opened
  • Account „My Safe" is available in following currencies -  GEL/USD/EUR
  • An interest accrues on the minimum amount available on "My Safe" account from the 1st  through the last day of the calendar month.
  • Interest accrual -  monthly  (last working day of the month)    
  • Transactions are available only through current account
  • Account will not be closed automatically
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