• Convert large amounts with exchange rates quoted by TBC Bank in the Bloomberg trading platform
FX Rates
for wholesale transactions

General description

  • Client has the opportunity to make foreign exchange transaction at TBC bank quoted exchange rates on Bloomberg trading platform, on any business day, except for Saturday from 10:00 to 17:00


  • Client can receive updates via e-mail on TBC bank's most recent exchange rates for USD/GEL currency pair
  • Rates are valid in the range of GEL 500,000- GEL 2,000,000. Amounts exceeding the maximum amount should be negotiated with the Treasury department individually.
  • To proceed with the exchange operation, client should send the notification via Internet Banking

Bloomberg rates

Contact Information

TBC Bank Treasury

Tel: +322 2 27 27 28
+332 2 27 27 25
+332 2 27 27 27 (*1108, *1105,*1173)

e-mail: treasury@tbcbank.com.ge
Dealing Code: TBCG