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Download internet banking app for iPad.


With Mobile banking you can:

  • Check balances on corporate accounts and view statements
  • Transfers between company's accounts, to other persons and entities and to the state treasury
  • Make bill payments
  • Manage deposits and loans
  • View currency exchange rates and make currency exchanges
  • Authorize transactions made through any remote channel: Internet banking, mobile banking and iPad banking
  • Find nearest ATMs and branches


Download iPad banking and start using the app right now for free*!

*Mobile banking and iPad banking service fees are incuded in internet banking quarterly fee.

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Available on the

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Mobile banking service is totaly free.

It incures neither monthly fee nor higher than standard fees for transactions. However you should consider, that mobile operator may charge you for internet usage while downloading application and during further usage.


Fees for transactions done through Mobile banking

  • Transfers between own accounts/currency exchange (except of trasnactions from credit cards) - Free
  • Transfers from credit card (Prime card, TBC Card) - Standard fees apply
  • Transfersoutside of own accounts in GEL and foreign currency  - Standard fees apply
  • Mobile top up - Free of charge
  • Utility payments - 0.5 GEL


Secure transactions is our priority!
We ensure the high level security for iPad banking using modern technologies. However, there are guidelines that users themselves should follow:

  • Do not share your iPad banking Username, Password and telephone code. Do not save them on the computer, internet, mobile or any other device without password protection;
  • Make sure to log out once you have finished the session in iPad banking;
  • Logging in iPad banking using others' iPad devices or giving your iPad to others is not reccomended;
  • Please delete iPad banking application before you give away your iPad;
  • Do not send confidential information via email. Bank will never ask you for your personal or security information, any password or information about your accounts;
  • If you feel your security has been compromised, contact us immediately.
  • If you receive a suspicious email, stating that it is from TBC Bank, please contact us immediately.


What do we do to protect you?

  • Registration information is checked before it is given the authorization;
  • Logging into iPad banking is secured with a username and a password, which are unique;
  • Transactions outside of your own accounts are secured with additional authorisation.


For additional security:

  • Note that there are three authorisation methods - basic, medium and high. The choice which one to use is fully up to you;
  • Basic level of authorization uses static telephone code that does not change. One-time SMS code which is sent to your cell phone is used for medium level. One-time code generated by the token or mobile phone application is used for the highest level;
  • Please note that even the basic level of authorisation ensures your safety according to the world-renowned mobile transactions security standards.


Which iPad models are supported by iPad banking app?
All iPad models are supported by the iPad banking application.

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