• Fast and secure payment of salaries
  • Personal manager services
  • Simplifying the relationship with the bank
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General Description

The involvement in the payroll project of the TBC bank and the scheme of service is very simple. It does not need any longtime administrative procedures. You will benefit from the simple payroll transfer scheme. You will have a personal payroll manager, who will advise you and help you with resolving of any issue.


Important benefits

For the organization:

  • Secure and simple scheme of the payment the salaries
  • Transfer of salaries without leaving the office by means of the internet banking.
  • Personal payroll manager services
  • On-site services

For the employees:

  • Simplified procedures for the use of credit products
  • Exclusive rates on loans
  • A variety of credit cards
  • Full range of the operating and electronic products


Transfer salary easily from Internet bank using automatic transfer service. For more information please follow link bellow:

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