• Increased sales through non-cash transactions
  • Payments received directly to your bank account
  • Decreased cost and no cash handling
installment and training

General Description

Improve your business in four ways by installing one device!

  • Increase your sales - people who pay by card usually spend more than those who pay in cash. Their spending is not limited to what they have on hand and can buy goods as they come across them.
  • Improve service - payment cards contribute to good service. Transactions take seconds, leaving the sales staff with more time to look after your customers and build better relationships.
  • Decrease expenses - cash handling requires extensive security and comes at a cost. On the other hand, once your customers pay by card, the funds are automatically transferred to your corporate account.
  • Simplify accounting process - as a TBC merchant, you receive payments in your bank account. That makes accounting quicker and simpler.

Online Registration

To apply for the installation of a POS terminal at your business location, please fill in your details on the following link.

Effective Tariffs

Monthly service fees for POS Terminals

  • Top-up fee* – min.  50 GEL

Transaction fees:

  • For VISA/MC issued by TBC Bank – 1.5% (min. 0.1 GEL)
  • For VISA/MC issued by partner banks*- 1.7% (min. 0.1 GEL)
  • For VISA/MC issued by other Georgian banks- 2% (min. 0.1 GEL)
  • For VISA/MC issued by foreign banks - 2% (min. 0.1 GEL)
  • For DCC* transactions - 1.5% (min. 0.1 GEL)


* DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion) is a process whereby a card transaction amount is converted to a difference currency at POS.

* A list of partner banks is available at link.

POS gratuities feature

  • The POS gratuities feature enables a customer to pay tips with his/her payment card via any payment application/tool.
  • The POS gratuities fearture can be activated/deactivated remotely, based on the company's respective application/request.
  • If the total of the bill and gratuity is over the CVM limit, the POS terminal will require a PIN code. PIN is not required for Wallet payments. 
  • The receipt will feature the total amount as well as the bill and the tip amounts separately.
  • The transaction fee will be deducted from the total amount (see transaction fee details in the Current Tariffs field).
  • The total amount will be charged to the customer's payment card.
  • The service charge (the bill amount) will be credited to the company's account indicated by the company in advance, while the gratuity amount will be credited to a gratuities account.
  • Payment reversal will apply to the full amount paid. It cannot apply only to the bill or the tip amount. 
  • Chargebacks too can apply to the total amount paid. A customer can initiate a chargeback against the total of bill and tip only. The merchant shall submit chargeback documents in compliance with chargeback rules set by VISA International, Mastercard Worldwide and China Union Pay.

How to use POS Terminals

Amendments to the Agreement

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Effective from 14.09.2023


Effective from 21.05.2022, click here to see the amendments.

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  • Halyk Bank
  • BasisBank
  • Credo Bank
  • Liberty Bank


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