General Description
Pay by link is a service for online shops, which you use to accept payments without a website.
  • Flexible and easy
  • Product and invoice management without a website
  • Big variety of payment methods

Service Limits

Standard Limits:
  • Limit of one transaction - 1 500 GEL
  • During the day - 4 000 GEL
  • Quantitative / monetary limit per day on the card - 5 transactions / 3 000 GEL
  • Monthly quantitative / monetary limit on the card - 20 transactions / 3 000 GEL
  • Standard insurance reserve:
Standard Insurance reserve on foreign card transactions
10% of the transaction (for a period of 6 months) + fixed GEL 500
* Limit - Restriction of transactions in a certain amount of time in terms of money and quantity.
* Insurance reserve - the amount placed by the company on the reserve account, which is used only to reimburse the loss (if any) to the bank through the appealed transactions.
* Insurance reserve requirement applies to companies that accept payments with Georgian and foreign bank card (s)
* Insurance reserve is not required for companies that want to receive payments only with Georgian bank (s) cards.

Online Registration

  • Follow the link and fill out the application
  • Our Service Manager will contact your within 24 hours after you fill out the application.

Effective Tariffs

Transactional fees:
  • For TBC Bank VISA/MC  cards - 2% (min. 0,1)
  • For VISA/MC cards issued by other Georgian banks - 2% (min. 0,1)
  • For VISA/MC cards issued by foreign banks - 2,5% (min. 0,1)
  • Digital Wallet transaction Fee - Transaction Fee  + 0.4%
  • Authorization/reversal fee - 0%
  • Chargeback fee - 0%

Changes in agreement

Click here to see changes in agreement.

Changes in agreement will be in force from 14.09.2023.



Changes in agreement - 27.03.2023

Changes in agreement - 06.11.2022

Changes in agreement - 06.12.2021

Changes in agreement - 23.09.2021


How does the customer pay?
  • The customer will pay with any bank card, using Apple Pay or TBC Bank mobile and internet banking.


How to control payments?
  • Upon successful payment by the customer, the payment operation will appear in the control panel.


Is the number of products or carts limited?
  • The number of products and carts is not limited.


How can my employees use the service?
  • In the control panel you can add a new user with the appropriate rights to view or manage link payments.