With TBC Bank Business cards, you and your employees can perform bank transactions safely and efficiently in Georgia as well as abroad. High cash withdrawal and spending limits will save you the trouble of managing large amounts of money.


Product Description

  • The product is intended for company's directors and employees
  • TBC Bank Business card helps you simplify and better control your purchases 
  • Your employees can pay costs related to business and business trips easily and efficiently
Note: After taking the card, you will need to activate it at an ATM. Insert the card into an ATM and enter the PIN code. 

Terms and Fees

For taking a card, you will only need:

  • Your Identity Card
  • To deposit the card service fee into your account
Annual/monthly service fee 500/50 GEL
Minimum balance 0 unit
ATM withdrawals (TBC Bank, Halyk Bank, Basis Bank) 0.2%- min. 0.2 GEL or 0.2% USD/EUR/GBP
Cash withdrawal fees in TBC branches Up to 3,000 GEL will be 2% (min. 2 GEL), for foreign currency withdrawals up to 1000 USD/EUR/GBP - 2% (min. 1 USD/EUR/GBP). above 3,000 GEL will be 0.6%
Cash withdrawal from other banks' ATMs 2%, min. 3 USD/EUR/GBP or 6 GEL (from GEL account)
Fee at Trade Facilities 0%
Weekly spending limit* 200,000 GEL or equivalent
Withdrawal limit at banks per day (24 hours) Unlimited from TBC Bank; 70 000 GEL or equivalent from other banks
ATM withdrawal limit per day (24 hours) 50,000 GEL or equivalent
ATM withdrawal limit Per month 200,000 GEL or equivalent
Restriction* The card cannot be used for carrying out transactions with high risk merchants
*Weekly purchase limit means authorization by using the card data, including card payments as well as funds transferred/refunded to cards by different merchants.
* Transfers to high risk merchants (gambling companies) are restricted on the card

Card Advantages

  • Local and international offers
  • Airport lounge access
  • Free Travel Insurance (30 days)
  • Cash back at some facilities in case of card payments
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