In the Payment Space you will be able to easily control daily transactions, export transaction reports, view analytics and manage payment products.

General Description

Easily accept and manage payments in Payments Space. Access POS and E-com transactions and analytics, export and analyze transaction records and manage payment products.
  • Manage Payment Products
  • Analytics
  • Transactions


  • Manage Payment Products
Payments Space gives you possibility to receive information and manage your POS terminals and E-commerce products.
  • Analytics
Products and income analytics: transaction count, income, top products and etc.
  • Transactions
View transaction and transaction details: base amount and fees, detailed transaction information.
  • User Permissions Management
Possibility to manage user permissions in Payments Space.
  • View Configuration
Possibility to view specific product information separately.
  • Reports
Possibility to export transactions.
  • Search & Filter Transactions
Possibility to search & filter transactions easily.


In order to login into Payments Space follow the link.


1. How can I login into Payments Space?
  • You can login in Payments Space with a click on top right corner Login and entering Internet Bank credentials.
2. Is Payments Space free?
  • Yes, Payments Space is free for everyone.
3. What type of payment products can I magane in Payments Space?
  • You can manage POS and E-commerce payment products in Payments Space.
4. From what date are transactions available in Payments Space?
  • All transactions from 2021 April 4 are available in Payments Space.