TBC E-commerce (Former TBC Checkout)

Join us and simplify the payment experience for your customers in the physical and digital space.

A new payment channel for your business:

  • Accept Visa /MC payments
  • Improve your sales
  • Make the most of the innovative payment solution
  • Receive payments within 3 business days
  • Enjoy simple integration and
  • Permanent technical support
  • View transaction details – stay on top of your sales with TBC E-commerce

Service Limits

Standard Limits:

  • Limit of one transaction - 3 000 GEL
  • During the day - 10 000 GEL


Standard Insurance reserve on foreign card transactions

10% of the transaction (for a period of 6 months) + fixed GEL 500

* Limit - Restriction of transactions in a certain amount of time in terms of money and quantity.

* Insurance reserve - the amount placed by the company on the reserve account, which is used only to reimburse the loss (if any) to the bank through the appealed transactions.

* Insurance reserve requirement applies to companies that accept payments with Georgian and foreign bank card (s)

* Insurance reserve is not required for companies that want to receive payments only with Georgian bank (s) cards.

Online Registration

  • Follow the link and fill out the application
  • Our Service Manager will contact your within 24 hours after you fill out the application.

Effective Tariffs

Rechargeable monthly fee at least 50 GEL

Transactional fees:

  • For TBC Bank VISA/MC  cards - 2%
  • For VISA/MC cards issued by other Georgian banks - 2%
  • For VISA/MC cards issued by foreign banks - 2,5%
  • Digital Wallet transaction Fee - Transaction Fee  + 0.2%
  • Authorization/reversal fee - 0%
  • Chargeback fee - 0%


What is TBC E-commerce

TBC E-commerce is a fast and secure payment solution that ensures simple integration and seamless transactions. TBC E-commerce offers online merchants a wide range of payment options.


How to apply for TBC E-commerce

Fill out an application form, after which you will receive the integration guide and TBC offers for receiving payments, fees and other terms. 


What are the payment options offered by TBC E-commerce

  • All Visa/MC payments are accepted;
  • Payments can be made via TBC online banking;
  • WEB QR code payments can be made via TBC mobile banking.
  • Apple Pay / Google Pay
  • Ertguli Points
  • Installment
  • Buy Now Pay Later


Which are the banks whose cards will be accepted on TBC E-commerce?

We accept any Visa/MC payment cards.


What is QR code payment and how does it work?

QR code payment is a contactless payment method, a more flexible alternative to a card payment at POS. To make a QR code payment, you should have a TBC mobile application with a QR reader. After scanning a QR code, you can choose the card you wish to pay with and make a payment.


Should I have a website to be able to accept payments via TBC E-commerce?

  • You need to have a website where to integrate TBC E-commerce.


What types of business entities are eligible for TBC E-commerce integration?

You only need to be registered as a taxpayer, no matter whether an individual or a legal person. 


Is there any charge for TBC E-commerce integration?

No, TBC E-commerce integration is free of charge.